We a largest timber producer in Israel


We are a large company lumber trader in Europe.
Lumber Industrial exports a variety of lumber from pine, oak, linden, ash and other types of wood.
We use professional equipment — drying chambers and wood planing machines.

The company is headquartered in Ashkelon, Israel. Delivery anywhere in the world. We are constantly monitoring the quality of the lumber at all stages of production. We care about our customers and guarantee a competitive price for our products. We provide quality service and fast delivery.

No order is impossible for us.
You can order pallet billets, construction boards, timbers, planed material, fuel wood granules «pellets», RUF briquettes, deadwood and other lumber from us.
We produce to your size to order in the required volume.

  We deliver quality dry timber to your warehouse or production.
Our professional equipment guarantees a clean cut and the quality of the edges of the finished product.


Large volume of production — over 1000 m3 per month; our own wood drying booths; processing timber from two or four sides; any dimensions of sawn timber to order; the shortest terms of production; we ship the products without prepayment; we work with letters of credit; full package of the documents on timber.

Countries with which we work


Professional equipment allows us to produce high quality materials on an industrial scale

You can order a bar, a cant, a board and other sawn timber from us. We produce according to your size under the order in the required volume. High-quality dry lumber delivered to your warehouse or production.

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We use professional drying chambers for high-quality drying of lumber of various species.
In the process of automatic drying, not only the combinations of values of air humidity, air temperature, drying duration are continuously monitored, but also the moisture content of the wood itself and a number of related operating values.

As a result, we achieve the best result: dried wood to the required moisture content with uniform drying, without cracking and distortion, with optimal time consumption and optimal energy consumption.

Our company uses industrial circular saws and wood sawing equipment.
Wood processing, aimed at a decent result, implies the use of high-quality equipment.
A full-fledged woodworking line is a whole complex of equipment with a narrow specialization, where each element is limited by a clear set of functions and capabilities.
Thanks to professional equipment, we guarantee the cleanliness of the cut and the quality of the edges of the finished product.


Large volumes of production — over 1000 m3 per month

Own drying chambers for wood

Processing wood from two or four sides

Any sizes of lumber under the order

The shortest production time

Fast delivery — up to two weeks

The price is lower than that of competitors

We ship products without prepayment

Full package of documents for wood


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Leaders for over 30 years

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Fast delivery up to 14 days

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Production capacity over 1000 M3 per month


In the Lumber Industrial company, our organization buys timber in bulk, we have been working for a long time. Convenient fast delivery, no problems have ever arisen, everything is clear and organized.
We are very pleased with the approach of the company’s managers. The employees are competent, attentive, helped with delivery to another city. The details were packed very well. We will order more.
I recommend to everyone.

John Carter

Great company, reliable partner and supplier! Price / quality — optimal in the city. Service is simply at its best … As for the quality of the products, they listen and immediately try to do everything as needed as possible. We build our business precisely relying on Lumber Industrial as our main and reliable partner … there were already a lot of supplies … and only once there were questions — I was impressed by the lightning-fast response and followed by only perfect deliveries right on time! We are very glad that there is such a high-level company. Special thanks to the managers for their work of the highest level and the service they provide. People are the face of the company, and with such a face, you are definitely the best on the market !!!!
We wish you only success and early prosperity!

Scott Fisher

I have been working with Lumber Industrial for many years.
You can always find the necessary materials for work, you can also order products of any kind of wood according to your drawing, orders were completed on time.
I clarified the quality and preferences immediately, I am 100% satisfied with the products.

Nicholas Brooks


Office in Israel

565, Ashdod City 12,Yerushalaim st, Ashdod 77523, Israel

Office in Europe

Burgas region, gr. Nessebar, Kaskadas 3, ent.1, ap.9