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Technological wood chips

This type of wood chip is produced as follows — waste wood is chopped in accordance with the standards for wood chips. The main parameter: technological chips must be of a certain length, their width can be quite different. Thanks to the non-strict state standards the production of wood chips is not very difficult. Technological chips are wood particles in the form of an oblique parallelepiped with an acute angle of 30 … 60°, formed by the cutting surface and orientation of  fibers, of a given length and thickness, intended for the production of pulp, chipboard and fiberboard, products of wood chemistry and hydrolysis industries.

  • thickness 16-75mm;
  • width 60-250mm;
  • length 3000-6000mm.

Three grades of technological chips are produced for pulp and paper production: C-1 for production of sulfite pulp and wood pulp; C-2 for production of sulfite as well as sulfate and bisulfate pulp as well as wood pulp for paper and cardboard; C-3 for production of sulfate pulp and various types of semi-cellulose for paper and cardboard. The quality of these chips is determined by the type of wood, geometric dimensions of the particles, processing defects, impurities of bark, rot and foreign inclusions. The most widely used technological chips from coniferous wood due to the special quality of the resulting fibers — chemical structure (saturation with functionally active groups — hydroxyl, carboxyl, etc.), length (up to 7 … 11 mm) and strength. Therefore, wood raw material of these species at sawmills and woodworking enterprises should be separated from the general flow and
processed separately. Deciduous species (aspen, birch, etc.) are less highquality raw materials. Their fibers are significantly shorter (no more than 3 mm), have a smaller diameter and strength.

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