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Edged board

A cut board is the most popular and demanded material on the lumber market. It is used in construction of almost any wooden objects. The edged board is used for external and internal construction works. It is used to make roof sheathing, rough lining of ceilings, making framing of partitions, arrangement of floors. Also edged
board is used for making cabinet furniture.

Sawed beam is cut from a log and sawn around the edges to avoid leaving any bark on the wood. The width of the boards is usually twice the thickness. For the manufacture of edged boards used coniferous wood — spruce, pine. Pine in its structure is denser and strong, spruce is better than pine keeps heat in the house. For this reason, for finishing work using spruce materials. A strong pine is designed to create load-bearing structures.

  • techno drying (KD) possible
  • thickness from 15 mm to 200 mm
  • width 50mm to 200mm
  • length up to 6,000mm
  • edged board pine/spruce
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