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Planed Lumber

Planed materials are obtained by machining the surface of edged sawn wood. The starting material is coniferous wood as well as hardwood of the selected, 1st and 2nd grades. The timber quality of planed sawn timber must comply with the requirements for sawn timber. Roughness of face surfaces of planks of clean flooring shall not be less than class 4, and other parts — not less than class 5.

Planed lumber, as compared to sawn lumber, has the following advantages:
— All flaws are clearly visible on the planed surface, which helps the quality and purpose of the materials can be correctly evaluated;
— eliminating surface stains, overshoots, and other processing defects improves the grade;
— take up less space during transportation;
— concentration of planed material production reduces cost and allows the use of waste for other products.

Width 70 — 250 mm;
Thickness 25 — 50 mm;
Length — 6000 mm
Also consider non-standard sizes of soft and
hardwood lumber.

Edged board