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Fuel wood granules «pellets»

We produce and sell high-quality fuel wood pellets ENPlus A1. Pellets are fuel granules made from waste wood. Most often for the production of pellets are used sawdust. Since the current trend is to use more and more secondary raw materials, the production of pellets is the most promising use of wood waste. The characteristics of pellets depend directly on the composition of the product. For their production, both pure wood and wood mixed with bark can be used. Often straw, sunflower husk, grain wastes are added to pellets. The degree of content of by-products affects the percentage of ash content of the final product. The higher the percentage of ash content, the lower the quality of pellets. However, all types of fuel granules are in demand on the market.

  • Energy released during combustion — 17,216 kJ/kg
  • Ash content — not more than 5%
  • Length — 5 to 40 mm;
  • The density of pellets 1200-1400 kg/m3
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