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Glued laminated beam

Glued woodblock is a high-quality building material, which is produced with the help of special technologies and belongs to the category of modern building materials. Solid glued woodblock is more expensive than an ordinary glued woodblock, but it has all the advantages of wood, so its benefits more than compensate the price difference.

The main advantages of glued woodblock:

  • does not change its shape during operation;
  • has a higher strength compared to conventional wood;
  • has minimal height shrinkage;
  • is less prone to cracking during its operation;
  • has high quality face surfaces and does not require additional finishing;
  • grooves and ridges along the length of the wall beam firmly fix the beam in the wall and prevent moisture from penetrating.

Woodblock sizes:

Planed Bar:

  • 50*600*75-200(h)мм;
  • 50*350*200-300(h)mm;
  • 50-300*200-600(h)mm.

Profiled Bar:

  • 80-300*100-250(h)мм.

Technologies of glued woodblock

All the advantages of glued woodblock can be explained by the process of their production, which consists of several successive operations:

  1. Specially selected logs, usually of coniferous species (pine, spruce), are split into planks.
  2. Selection of boards.
  3. The selected boards are dried to the desired level of humidity.
  4. Boards are cut out for defects.
  5. The received blanks are spliced to length on a miniboard and receive lamellas — part of a glued woodblock.
  6. Lamels are planed and glued on a special press in a bar. Gluing of lamellas is carried out with special waterproof ecologically clean glue AkzoNobel (Sweden), which meets the international standards and doesn’t break ability of wood to breathe.
  7. A profiled beam.
  8. Cups are cut according to the project documentation.
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Fast construction speed
  • Eco-friendliness
  • Aesthetic appearance
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