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Cylindrical stakes

Chiseled and planed wooden stakes, which are treated with a rot-proofing agent for long life, are basically an indispensable element of agricultural fences. The stakes are made of spruce and pine with one end pointed and the other phased to make the stakes easier to set in the ground. But they can be ordered to your specifications, both ends straight, phased, etc. Most sizes can be delivered sawn in half.

Each wooden stake is made from the trunk of one whole tree, with a heartwood in the middle. This means that when stakes dry naturally or industrially (in drying chambers), longitudinal cracks can occur. This is a natural process and does not affect the technical durability and quality of the stakes. Chiseled and planed stakes are used for fences, fences, pastures, agricultural enclosures, gardening needs, shore reinforcements, tree plantations reinforcements, and for other household purposes.

Softwood timber (pine) is used for the production of finished products

Sinesto B is used as a transport impregnation of wood.
Kinds of processing: sharpening, chamfering, beveling.
Products are used for the production of gazebos, fences, playgrounds.

  • Length 1 — 4 m
  • Diameter 5 — 16 cm
  • Softwood — pine
RUF briquettes
Glued laminated beam