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RUF briquettes

RUF briquettes are eco-efficient fuel that has a rectangular shape. The material is made from sawdust of different types of wood (oak, pine and others). There are no components of recycled bark and other non-liquid waste. Hard and soft types of wood are used in the manufacture. One briquette due to its special structure replaces a large bundle of firewood. Therefore RUF fuel material in the form of bricks is in demand among owners of private houses and apartments.

Features of RUF briquettes

In the manufacture of RUF briquettes no chemical adhesives are used. First, the moisture content of wood is reduced, and then the prepared raw material is pressed.

RUF fuel briquettes have the following characteristics:

  • have a high heat output;
  • they do not crack on burning;
  • briquettes reduce fuel consumption by 2-4 times if they are packed correctly;
  • they do not absorb moisture;
  • are convenient at storage.

Burning time of the usual birch firewood does not exceed 1 hour.
If you buy RUF briquettes, the burning time will be 2,5-3 hours.

Briquette size:
  • length — 150 mm;
  • width — 100 mm;
  • height — 60 mm.

The number of fuel briquettes in one package
is 12 pieces.

Package weight: 10 kg

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