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Chopped firewood is a great option for eco-friendly fuel for country houses and summer houses. They can also be used in baths and vats, for kindling the fireplace and cooking. The main thing is to choose correctly.

What is split firewood used for?

Quality and dry wood is the traditional way of heating. Depending on the species and combustion system, it can provide heat for rooms of different purposes and sizes. Chopped firewood is stocked for summer and country
houses, permanent or temporary housing. And in severe frosts, and in wet weather, such fuel remains relevant. It can be used in traditional stoves, solid fuel boilers, etc.

Also wood of different species is used for cooking. Softer wood is used for stoves and home stoves. Coniferous and fruit species are suitable for cooking on an open fire — barbecues, barbecues, etc.

Firewood dimensions:

  • length — 30 cm (+/-1 cm);
  • diameter from 5 to 15 cm;
  • Humidity — no more than 20%. (chamber drying)

Such fuel is ideal for fireplaces. Certain trees do not produce many sparks and smoke, but provide pleasant heat. They burn slowly and without soot. Conifers and some hardwoods give off a pleasant aroma and useful oils while burning. Chopped firewood is indispensable for baths and saunas. Again, in the process of burning they release useful oils. And the birch, for example, in general, has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. Good wood gives a lot of heat and steam, emits a pleasant aroma. They are also used to run boilers. Where there is no gasification, use special systems of heat in the water heating appliances.

It is wood that is used as a source of heat.


In crates of 2 storage meters (1m x 1m x 2m) 22 packed crates in a truck.

Hardwoods are mostly hardwoods. This is the best option for heating, because they burn slowly and evenly, releasing a lot of heat. The heat from such logs is steady, so the temperature remains high for some time after complete combustion.
Hard wood are beech, oak, yew, hornbeam and others. Beech, for example, can burn fully, even with incomplete drying. Oak and hornbeam smolder and burn for a long time, have a high heat transfer coefficient. Yew is a good option for fireplaces, as it burns with almost no smoke. Some fruit trees also belong to the hardwoods. They are great for baths, fireplaces, and cooking. Fruit trees give off a pleasant aroma when they burn. Apple trees, pear trees, and the like are considered hardwoods.

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